9. How to choose which Bulk SMS route plan shall I use for my business?

The choice of account type depends on your budget, business model, the number of SMS messages you want to send, and the speed or priority of messages to be received by the customer.

If you want high priority messages with instant receive by the customer. Then, Direct route is your choice. With Direct route, you will make sure the messages send and received instantly, this is ideal for cases, such as one-time PINs (OTP), account verification messages, transactional messages, and time-critical alert.

If you are looking for budget messages with normal speed, then High-quality route is your choice. Ideal for promotions, brand announcements or CRM messages.

If you are intending to send a lot of messages to your customers, then the choice of Wholesale route is the best. Wholesale route offers the most budget saving of Bulk SMS messages for your account.

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