15. What are the types of lookup provided by bulksmsonline.com?

Two types of lookup are provided by bulksmsonline.com to increase the convenience of our customers with the platform, as the followings:

  1. MNP Lookup: The mobile number lookup and database optimization lookup is a paid service that empower users with the ability to check the network status of each of the mobile number of their customers. Users can do lookup check for active numbers, roaming number, ported numbers to another networks, and the optimal route for messages and voice.
  2. MNV Lookup:  The mobile number validation and database optimization is a paid service that empowers users with the ability to do validation check of whether the mobile number is valid, and which country and network it is registered in.

Both lookup are useful for database warehousing and cleaning, and they have the potential to do cost reduction with making sure the messages will be delivered to the customers.

Please visit our MNP and MNV lookup information page in your dashboard for further details.

For further information, please contact our bulksmsonline.com support team.