18. What are the types of Bulk SMS API provided by the bulksmsonline.com?

Bulksmsonline.com is empowering customers with a variety of Bulk SMS API, the supported types of APIs are as follows:

  1. HTTP API: Send messages through passing your parameters. E.g. https://api.bulksmsonline.com:9090/smsapi?username=XXXX&password=YYYYY&type=Y&to=0000000000&source=sender&message=YourText
  • SMPP API: Provides direct connection to carriers and routes sources with instant delivery through SMPP protocol.
  • RESTful API: Send messages with a support for JSON parameters, ideal for programmers.

Please visit our API information page in your dashboard for further details.

For further information, please contact our bulksmsonline.com support team.