6. What are the best practices for sending my Bulk SMS messages?

Our easy-to-use system will make you get used to the system instantly, you can develop your own convenient method for sending SMS messages. However, our suggested method is as the followings:

  1. Register your Sender Name/ID: Sender Name helps your customers to know who are the senders. By registering your Sender Name you will make sure customers know you and gives priority to your SMS messages. 
  2. Create your set of SMS templates: bulksmsonline.com empowers you with the ability to create your own repetitive SMS templates so that you can easily recall the SMS to send it to your customers.
  3. Create your set of Bulk numbers: You can create different group numbers for better management of SMS messages.
  4. Get your two-communication plan: make the customer get the feeling of a king, by being responsive to his/her queries about your businesses. With get your two-way communication plan, you will be given a virtual number that empowers you to receive back customers’ responses, and reply to their queries.
  5. Schedule your SMS messages: bulksmsonline.com provides you with the ability to schedule your SMS messages and send them automatically to your customers.
  6. Keep it short and sweet (K.I.S.S. method): short messages are more meaningful to customers, and has more ability to be fully read.