Please avoid the following to ensure the best quality f SMS messages is provided:

  1. Avoid using registered Sender ID: 
    Your SMS messages will be automatically blocked if misuse of registered Sender ID is detected. using the name of Google or Apple in your SMS messages will lead to blocking your SMS (Please contact our team for further information).
  2. Avoid using bad or immoral words: 
    SMS messages are blocked when contents lead to insult or immorality.
  3. Avoid harmful SMS messages: 
    SMS messages that contain any harmful materials, such as viruses or any harmful software will be blocked.
  4. Avoid lead to law infringement in SMS messages: 
    Any use of SMS messages that cause infringements to intellectual properties, copyrights, trademarks, patents will be blocked.
  5. Avoid propaganda use of SMS messages: 
    Using SMS messages to promote certain agendas for the purpose of public influence will be automatically blocked.
  6. Avoid lead to deception SMS messages: 
    Any use of SMS messages for the purpose of deception will be blocked.
  7. Avoid lead to data harvest SMS messages: 
    Any use of SMS messages that leads to stealing data information from customers will be detected and blocked.
  8. Avoid mislead SMS messages: 
    Any messages that mislead customers will be blocked.
  9. Avoid unlawful SMS messages: 
    Any SMS messages that break the law of the host country will be blocked.

For further information, please contact our support team.