Showing who sends the message to the customer will help the customer to easily track the updates of your business.

Sender ID upon set, it will be automatically shown in the customer’s device.

Before we start explaining how to display a unique Sender ID to the customer, a few things you should know about first, as the followings:

1. Restrictions:

Two types of restrictions might present:

  1. Registered sender ID restriction (e.g. apple, google, etc.): You are not allowed to use a taken sender ID in your local area. has an intelligent detection system that will catch any restricted sender ID (please don’t try to go around the taken sender ID, e.g. @pple, g00gle, etc.).   
  2. Country restrictions(–Hyperlink): some countries present some restrictions on the usage of certain sender IDs, please review the country restriction section, or contact our support team for further details.

2. Sender ID size:

The sender ID size is limited to 12 characters for numeric, and 11 characters for alphanumeric.

Furthermore, no special characters (e.g. %,$,&,#..) should be used. Please contact our support(–Hyperlink) if you require a special character in your sender ID.

Please note that some Sender ID doesn’t need registration for using it.

However, registering your Sender ID will not allow others to use it, in which you can secure more your business.


For further information, please contact our support team.