Stats and reports are important for your business, as they give a meaningful use of your Bulk SMS campaign and how effective they are. provides various types of stats and reports to support your business, the following shows the types of reports you will get in your platform:

  1. Sent SMS Report: shows the sent SMS with details of SMS contents, Date, Type, SMS Parts, From, To, Sender ID, destination Country, ISO, MNC, MCC, Operator, SMS Cost, and Status. In addition, you can custom-made reports with a specific date, sender, and contact numbers through the “Get Full Report” button.
  2. Queue Report: shows reports that are in a queue and in the process of being sent to the customers, the report presents details of S.No, From, Type, total numbers, SMS parts, Message, File Name, Submitted Date, and Status.
  3. Scheduled Messages: shows the report of the scheduled messages with details similar to the Sent SMS Report.
  4. Payments Report: shows the payments and transactions made so far, with details of S.No., Date, Amount, Invoice No., Buyer Name, Username, Status, Paid by, Transaction ID, and Print Invoice.
  5. Balance Change History: shows how your credits balance changed so far, with details of S.No., Date, Balance Before, Amount Added/Removed, Total Funds, Current Balance, and Comment.
  6. Today’s Stats: stats that show the number of total messages sent today, with the total number of messages parts, and total credits deducted.
  7. SMS Summary: shows the summary report of all your sent messages so far, with details of S.No., Date, Country, Operator, Messages, Messages parts, SMS Cost, and Charges.
  8. MNP Lookup Report: Mobile Network Portability Report shows the status of your customers’ network report with details of MSISDN, Country, Error Description, MCC, MNC, Roaming status, Error Code, Status, Number Ported details, Date, Cost, Operator, and Type.
  9. Number Validation Report: shows the report of numbers that have been verified for your business campaign, with details of MSISDN, Country, ISO, CC, Net Name, MCC, MNC, Operator, Type, Net Type, Cost, and Date.
  10. Dashboard Stats: show descriptive statistics of your SMS usages for the total delivered and undelivered SMS, the percentage rate of today’s sent SMS, the total SMS messages for the last 7 days, and the top 5 countries you sent the SMS messages to.

Reports and stats can be saved in different formats as Excel sheets, CSV, and PDF.

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