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Target Any Community

SMS is the most universal messaging technology all over the world. Our Mobile bulk sms application puts the potential of SMS to utilize for impactful, interactive and smart interaction with groups who truly need it.

Whether it’s 1,000 or 100,000 people,our mobile app allows you to connect with communities you would like to target – anytime and anywhere.

Know More About Our Mobile Bulk SMS App

Our Mobile app is introduced for composing and sending SMS messages from our Android or iPhone app to a group of smartphone users. No more hassle to send bulk SMS messages to anywhere worldwide without spending so many bucks thanks to our app.

Our world has turned to a small virtual city with numerous communities and with millions of people online, along with common supplies and needs. Take advantage of our mobile bulk SMS app to target any community you want to.

Our feature-rich and powerful bulk SMS Android/iPhone app allows you to send SMS messages from your phone book to individuals and groups. In addition, the app provides delivery reports and an option for saving sent messages to the inbox automatically.

There’s no doubt that SMS has become a powerful marketing medium, especially for corporations, business owners, politicians, doctors, even managers, and other categories or professionals. Sending your updates, promos, market survey SMS, authentication SMS, event info, wedding invitations, and meeting details through a reliable bulk SMS provider -BulkSMSOnline has become a hassle-free.

The clients of BulkSMSOnline feel proud in saying 'We Are The Best'

BulkSMSOnline Mobile App Features

BulkSMSOnline is a powerful and small application that allows the delivery of customized and generic SMS through your mobile carrier network to your phone contact list’s contacts, without the need for adding them to your personal contact list.

Easy to Use

No more trouble to send SMS messages directly from your smartphone.

100% Transparency

No charges for sending messages and that’s the job of your mobile carrier.

Modern Phones Support

BulkSMSOnline is compatible with all modern versions of Android as well as iPhone.

Dynamic Messages

Take advantage of fields for customizing your messages or send totally different SMS messages to all your contacts.

Use Cases

BulkSMSOnline comes quite in handy in several aspects:

  • Notify your business clients about special events and news.
  • Inform about the location of your next important meeting to your book club members.
  • Notify your students or employees about changes in the plan.
  • Send customized holiday greetings to your relatives and friends.
  • Quickly bring important contacts up-to-date on an emergency.

Getting Started with BulkSMSOnline

Our mobile bulk SMS app is available to download on both Android and iPhone. Considering our mobile app is the smart way you can opt to send a bulk SMS.

  • Register yourself on our bulk SMS app with a valid email address.
  • Click on the link you get in your email to activate your bulk SMS account.
  • Take advantage of free units for testing the reliability and delivery of the platform.
  • Buy our SMS units online through Credit/Debit card or PayPal.

It’s time to take advantage of your mobile phone SMS plan for sending the messages and completely forget about 3rd-party companies, complicated bulk SMS API and online bulk SMS gateway.