Web SMS Platform

Join hands with Bulk SMS Online and start sending personalized bulk SMS to the audience you desire to capture.

Reach the customers via a web SMS platform that connects you to a network-enabled via the internet.

When to Use Web SMS Platform?

Web SMS Platform is a flexible tool that allows a business to manage numerous accounts online. Bulk SMS Service is helping you at every step. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about getting in touch with your customers. The portal allows every business to operate safely. Most importantly, platform helps quickly send & receive messages via computer or any other device.

Being a global leader in customer engagement powered by web SMS Platform, we deliver expert solutions 24/7, 365!!

Why Use Web SMS Platform?

Use web sms platforms: a combination of advanced network technology and our most attractive communication channel (SMS).


You can create messages and send via SMS software within seconds. Furthermore, useful features such as merge fields, contact groups, and message templates make creating and distributing campaigns quick and easy.


SMS avoids annoying SPAM filters and ad blocking strategies. Therefore, by using our online messaging platform, you can overcome the noise of channels. In addition, it has used for many years and became trusted.


iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia 3310; they all support SMS! Although each mobile device has built-in text messaging capabilities. So, it shows that you can target huge potential audiences.

Two-way SMS

Open the door to communicating with customers using Web SMS software. This technology makes it easy to manage, filter, and organize incoming messages. Most importantly, it improves productivity by introducing automatic replies, automatic opt-outs, and keyword triggers.


Craft and send SMS in bulk within seconds using the automated software. Functions like contact groups, message templates, and merge fields makes creation and distribution of campaign seamless.


Using SMS service is much more reliable as you can avoid SPAM Filters and advertisements. The online web platform cut the noise on a channel to make communication flawless.


The web SMS platform service works well when it is integrated with modern devices.

2-Way Communication

The web SMS service allows the customer to get back to the mainstream business. The technology is designed to help companies manage, filter, and organize incoming and outgoing messages.

Web SMS Platform

The automated web SMS platform service enables the auto-reply, keyword triggers, and auto opt-outs feature for the benefits of the SMS sending company.

Explore the solutions we provide:

Automate response to all incoming customer messages

Select the delivery route as per preferences

Receive notifications when your credits need a check

View & download delivery reports

Send English/Unicode messages

Being a global leader in customer engagement powered by web SMS Platform, we deliver expert solutions 24/7, 365!!

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