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You have SMS queries doubts in mind, no worries!! We are here to clear them.

From contact upload to API configuration, we’ve provided the answers below to address all of your SMS queries. Therefore, explore our frequently asked questions about our BulkSMSOnline platform, integrations and SMS queries below.

Furthermore, if you’re interested in more deep guides and tutorials regarding SMS queries, check out our Knowledgebase.

SMS stands for Short Message Service. It is that kind of a text message where info is shared from person to person through a mobile network.
Well, it is an integration that enables a computer or system to send/receive an SMS message, routed into the mobile networks through SMS gateway.
Well, we have good news for you. That is to say, there is no expiry date for your account with BulkSMSOnline as its validity is for a lifetime.
We believe in working 100% transparent and thus, there are no hidden charges at all for our service.
We accept the most popular payment method – PayPal.
Our bulk SMS service is global. Therefore, with our platform, you can reach 200 countries and 1100+ network.
You can reach out to us via 24/7 support live chat, call or email.
All the data including your personal info and group lists will be secured and encrypted at our SMS datacenter system side.
For more info, we recommend you to read our Privacy Policy.
There is no need to install any additional software to send your bulk SMS messages. In short, all you have to do is to use our online bulk SMS platform to get the job done quickly and easily.
You’ll be glad to know that there is no limitation of sending messages per day. As a result, You can send as many as you want to.
Yes, surely. Each english SMS is 160 GSM char or 70 Unicode char for the Unicode language.
Mobile handset utilizes SMS segmentation info for reconnecting the SMS message correctly.
However, keep in mind that you can’t always write 160 characters into a one text SMS. To clarify, some special characters from the GSM alphabet like £ sign require 2 characters.
Well, you are charged for all sent SMS messages, irrespective of their delivery status. Because, the reason is simple and it is that we still need to pay the mobile operator.
YES, for sure. Most importantly, we provide the two-way SMS messaging service to help you boost customer engagement.
You are allowed to upload your Group List in formats – XLS/XLXS, CSV, and TXT.
  • Direct route
    It is the fastest plan, ideal for one-time PINs (OTP), account verification messages, transactional messages, and time-critical alerts.
  • High-quality route
    It is the budget-saving route for normal use of Bulk SMS services. Ideal for limited messages for promotions, brand announcements or CRM messages.
  • Wholesale route
    It is the most budget-saving route for a big number of bulk SMS messages. Ideal for a huge quantity messages of promotions, brand announcements or CRM messages For further information, please contact our support team.
The choice of account type depends on your budget, business model, the number of SMS messages you want to send, and the speed or priority of messages to be received by the customer.

If you want high priority messages with instant receive by the customer. Then, Direct route is your choice. With Direct route, you will make sure the messages send and received instantly, this is ideal for cases, such as one-time PINs (OTP), account verification messages, transactional messages, and time-critical alert.

If you are looking for budget messages with normal speed, then High-quality route is your choice. Ideal for promotions, brand announcements or CRM messages.

If you are intending to send a lot of messages to your customers, then the choice of Wholesale route is the best. Wholesale route offers the most budget saving of Bulk SMS messages for your account.

For further information, please contact our support team.

Creating a Bulk SMS account is very easy with the following steps:

  1. Go to your upper left corner of bulksmsonline.com website and click “Sign up”.
  2. Fill up your details, choose your preferred plan, agree on the terms, and click “Create new account”, then a screen will pop up with a done registration.
  3. A mail will be sent to your email address to verify your account. Click the confirm account button in the mail and note down the account username that has been given to you. (Please check your junk or spam mail if the message was not received in the inbox).
  4. A web page will pop up with a message of success of verification of your account and a mail will be sent to your account. Click on the button to login to your bulk SMS platform.
  5. Login with the account username and password as per the last email received from bulksmsonline.com.
  6. Enjoy your new Bulk SMS platform.

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