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Two Factor Authentication

Our team provides solutions that are fast, quick, and cheap to set up while maintaining
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Keep your customer data safe and sound with Two Factor Authentication Service

Customer Satisfaction

Bulksmsonline focuses on customer satisfaction in terms of security by preventing data leaks and breaches. Now, you don’t have to worry that your personal information will fall into the wrong hands. Your safety is our priority.

Instant Delivery

We understand that you need access to your account instantly. So, we will deliver the two-factor authentication code immediately to smooth out the log-in process for the users. Bulk SMS Online offers a premium route for SMS delivery to guarantee security.

Dual Security Layer

Delivery of authentication code is an additional layer of security that verifies user access. We minimize the stress of securing your account from all online threats acting as a dual layer of protection automatically.

BulkSMSOnline Two Factor Authentication Customer Satisfaction
BulkSMSOnline Two Factor Authentication Integration Support

Integration Support

Bulk SMS Online consults clients to integrate the Two-Factor Authentication technology for the website, software, and application. You can discuss the ideas on triggering the feature for the first time with us.

GDPR Friendly

Two-Factor Authentication gives a valuable security layer representing the importance of additional security for different platforms in regard to GDPR.

Explicit Documentation

Bulk SMS Online also provides extensive and comprehensive documentation for APIs. Moreover, it offers clear instructions by integrating HTTP, REST, SOAP, & SMPP systems.

Use Bulk SMS Online Two Factor Authentication to Stay Safe

Won’t you want to be safe whenever you log into a website, software, or application?

Two-Factor Authentication is a popular security verification method. Therefore, use of it adds a security layer for websites, apps, and software. As a result, by enabling this protection tool, when you log into a platform, an automatically generated SMS will be sent to your mobile number that contains a unique code. Unless you enter the security, you won’t be able to access the account.

Two-Factor Authentication prevents unauthorized access or breach of the account.

There is literally no better way to ensure that the right person is trying to access the account. Therefore, two-Factor Authentication allows the platforms to prevent unauthorized access or breach of the account. Most importantly, it keeps your information safe and sounds no matter what.

Gain the Positive Outlook of Two-Factor Authentication

Security without Any Compromise

Bulk SMS Online works to ensure that the security layer eliminates the vulnerability of using the old password-only approach.

Get the Security Supercharger

  • The traditional “username & password” approach is not safe anymore in this modern world.

  • Cybercrimes are preying on people whose accounts lack the additional security layer. Compromise of private data, financial details are stolen, and other threats are also increasing.

  • Our two-factor authentication service ensures that users can protect their personal information from all threats.

  • Summary of the user-specific code such as “something that only you can get” to ensure nobody else can get access to your online accounts.

Straightforward & Steadfast

  • There was a time when organizations used to rely on hardware tokens to generate a safe and secure password. Services like financial services or online banking need protection no matter what. Hence, we can’t rely on clumsy and unreliable protection methods. The use of tokens for verification before frequently expired or lost, which made the system erratic.

  • Bulk SMS Online brings tokenless two-factor authentication to all kinds of businesses. Our system deploys a method that generates SMS code automatically and delivers it to the users. We ensure that our security approach is supremely unswerving and cost-effective too.

The Right Tool for the Job

  • Every business requires specific solutions that meet its own requirements. Bulk SMS Online designs particular solutions for businesses of all sizes that are seeking a solution to keep their customer’s databases secure. Confidentiality is a clause that every business has to fulfill.

  • And two-factor authentication is the solution that allows them to facilitate additional security on the website, app, and software.

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