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Rich Communications Services

RCS business or brand messaging is a bonus to the existing advantages of bulk SMS.

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Getting Started with RCS

We at BulkSMSOnline helping brands and businesses do this now.

If you are worried about how to reach your customers, don't be.

RCS offers all-new opportunities to get closer to your potential customers.

Today we like messaging that allows us to do things like sharing high-resolution pictures and larger files, know when a message is read, chat in a group, or make a video call.

RCS Messaging is a new and better communication protocol between OEMs, messaging partners, and telecom operators for A2P (Application to Person) rich messaging.

Taking advantage of the functionalities of modern smartphones and IP connectivity, RCS can offer a richer experience. Most importantly, it is combining the potential of an app with the prevalence of native text messaging.

With the growth of B2C (Business to Customer) messaging, RCS (Rich Communication Services) is acquiring drive with global launches. So, thanks to its open platform. Because that provides everything developers need to build & deploy advanced and better communication applications. Ultimately, it offers new revenue opportunities for operators wanting to offer new services to their enterprise customers.

RCS messaging will endow brands and businesses to send videos, images, gifs, deep links, map locations, and audios. As a result, with the help of RCS, a brand can create engaging and rewarding campaigns.

Create Better, Interactive, and Richer Experiences: Rich Communication Services (RCS)

What is RCS (Rich Communications Services)?

RCS (Rich Communication Services) is a next-generation SMS protocol with which SMS messages are upgraded. Rich functions such as payments, high-res photos and file sharing, location sharing, video calls, and more are delivered to the standard messaging app of a device.

How Do Rich Communication Services (RCS) Messaging Benefit Your Business?

RCS business or brand messaging is a bonus to the existing advantages of bulk SMS. So, get the from BulkSMSOnline.

BulkSMSOnline Rich Communication Services Benefit

Boost Customer Engagement

The RCS is more conversational with rich multimedia communication options for recommended replies. Moreover, the ability to share and send map locations, action to prompt users to do the transaction. So, users are adding events/actions to the Google calendar.

Drive Better Results

The average deletion rate for Android applications is 38 percent on the first day. So, with the capability to send rich content through text messaging, it guarantees customer engagement & re-targeting.

Noticeable Branding Space

With RCS messaging, brands get an opportunity to make their brand name, brand colors, and logo visible on the chat message, providing for a higher call in the mind of the customer.

Easy Payment

RCS business messaging will provide support for Google Pay and other renowned 3rd-party payment options such as PayPal. This will drive faster checkout and which in result will drive higher conversion rates.

Brands in Any Industry Can Benefit from Rich Communication Services (RCS)

RCS business messaging opens up doors of full opportunities for brands & businesses.

So, businesses can connect with their customers for customer care and marketing purposes.

Financial Services

Banks and other financial service providers can leverage RCS messaging.

They can offer an interactive and streamlined customer care experience. RCS messaging enables customers to simply tap a button when communicating with their bank service to receive account info.


Brands can use the RCS messaging to offer their customers a compelling and personalized messaging experience.

Using rich media – video, image carousels to display special deals & new offers.

Making in-store appointments to visit a salon.

Facilitating the convenient redemption of discount coupons through dynamic QR codes.


With RCS business messaging, telecom operators, utilities, and cable providers can create a virtual customer support agent to quickly perform functions that a human agent can do.

Troubleshooting simple

One-touch answers to FAQ

Scheduling appointments, which include sending reminders.

Integration of RCS (Rich Communication Services)

You can integrate RCS (Rich Communication Services) into your application with our easy-to-use rest API SMS. Most importantly, it is always available, and secure. Above all, you can set up and running within a few days.

With BulkSMSOnline, a leading bulk SMS provider, you can certainly do better and accomplish more. So, ORDER today!

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