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One Time Password

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Make Authentication More Personalized & Secure

Bulk SMS Online offers a One-Time Password mode of authorization to businesses. Most importantly, it will give your business the best protection from online threats. The SMS OTP service is the mode where a numeric or alphanumeric code will be sent to the mobile number linked with the online account.

Now, you always have a way to keep your online identity safe and sound regardless of the platform. So, we implement a layer of security. As a result, users need to verify their identity before they log into an application, website, or any other platform.

One-Time Password is used by banks, online retailers, e-commerce, insurance companies.

Generally, every business that stored financial information about their customers needs to deploy an additional security system. Therefore, we understand the value of keeping your customer’s data and information confidential and secure.

BulkSMSOnline One Time Password Make Authentication More Personalized & Secure

Customer Data Security

We implement the SMS OTP (One Time Password) system for your website, app, and software in order to reduce the risks of breach or data theft substantially. We ensure that the customer’s data and information are not vulnerable to any online threat.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Delivering the SMS OTP to the customer’s phone number represents how valuable your safety is for the company. The customers feel safe and believe that the company will adopt the best-quality preventive measures, thereby adding customer satisfaction.

Pay Per Password

As your customer grows, the rate for a single OTP SMS decreases. Moreover, you need to pay only for the SMS that is sent regardless of the login attempts.

Scale Enterprise

Our Bulk SMS Online service builds a gateway that can handle bulk messages in an appropriate manner. Large volumes of OTPs won’t be an issue for you as our SMS specialists keep the system updated to avoid all kinds of problems allowing your enterprise to scale.

BulkSMSOnline One Time Password Customer Data Security
BulkSMSOnline One Time Password Better Security Than Email

Get Integration Assistance

Bulk SMS Online provides complete integration assistance for the businesses the are implementing the OTP system for the first time. Talk to our specialists and understand how SMS OTP will improve your security.

Better Security Than Email

Instead of using email authentication, we prefer using SMS OTP as there is no risk of hacking. We are extremely careful when it comes to the customer database. That’s why we suggest all our partners implement the SMS OTP system, which is undoubtedly better than email.

OTP SMS Retrieve API

We eliminate the hassle of entering the OTP manually by enabling the Retriever API. This allows your mobile app to copy the code from the SMS and paste it into the app that you are trying to access. After all, simple is always better.

GDPR Suitable

Bulk SMS Online works to make your business GDPR compliance on a whole level. Implementing the SMS OTP illustrate that you are solemnly dedicated to your customers protection.

How does the system work?

Step 1

Enter your login information into the platform

Step 2

The Server creates a unique token code and forwards it to the mobile number linked with the account

Step 3

Users enter token code and access the platform eliminating all chances of an information breach

Why Use SMS OTP?

All customers entrust the company to keep their personal and sensitive information safe. So, they expect that you own the means to prevent data theft and breach. To keep their faith, all business considers a dual authentication layer of security.

Most importantly, it is provided by One Time Password system. As a result, whether the customer is trying to log into the website, application, or software, you will always have a backup security system.

SMS OTP is the safest authentication protocol available in the market.

Bulk SMS Online believes that SMS OTP (One Time Password) is the safest authentication protocol available in the market. Therefore, that’s why they recommend their clients to implement the system and update the security features frequently. So, we work to improve the security of all platforms every day.

Start employing a solution that can secure your online platform by talking to Bulk SMS Online Specialists.

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