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MNP Lookup

With the MNP lookup service, you can secure your clients, and yourself from fraudulent
and other illicit activities.

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It is essential to remain on the top so that you can engage with new customers along with the existing ones. Because we know that numbers are changing every day.

What is MNP Lookup?

MNP – provides information about roaming and portability of mobile numbers.

It simplifies the entire mobile number portability process. As a result, you can effectively manage all message activities.

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) allows mobile phone users to retain their mobile phone numbers when switching from one mobile network operator to another. Most MNOs offer this service at a modest price. Therefore, users can easily change numbers or change operators.

If you want to have strong messaging engagement, then you would need an accurate and active database of customers' mobile numbers.

However, this is possible with the MNP Lookup service. You can have access to the network status for every single mobile number. Moreover, you can quickly check the status. You also identify numbers that are active.

Bulk SMS Online MNP Lookup Service gives you access to a rich and regularly updated database with mobile phone numbers.

You can simplify and speed up the entire number portability lookup process. Moreover, you can also easily update the mobile phone number database. As a result, it saves your operator termination costs.

This service is ideal for MNOs, SMS aggregators, voice carriers, banks, financial institutions.

In addition, the service is popular among marketing agencies, businesses, and more. Most importantly, anyone who sends or trades SMS or manages a large database of mobile numbers.

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MNP Lookup

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The Working Method of MNP Lookup

BulkSMSOnline MNO Lookup Working Method

The number lookup service facilitates queries on multiple numbers or on a single number in the form of a batch.

After checking the country code of the number, then the platform of BulkSMSOnline selects optimal lookup route

The system examines the number within a fraction of a second.

After finishing the lookup, it identifies the status and the response for the number.

Via a reporting action mechanism, get the results of the query.

What Can You Expect From MNP Lookup?

Highly appropriate numbers

Use this service to check whether your customers are within your reach or not.

So, you can eliminate delivery errors, invalid numbers, and the cost related to it.

Saves money and time

Search the home network of your current customers and direct your calls consequently.

Stay guarded

With the MNP lookup service, you can secure your clients, and yourself from fraudulent and other illicit activities.

The Benefits of Using The MNP Lookup Service

Actual time lookup

With our platform, examine whether the phones of your customers are switched off or on.

Moreover, we examine from which part of the country your customers are calling and the validity of the numbers.

Effective marketing

With our platform, you can ensure and back your marketing strategies with success.

Test whether the numbers existing on your database are real or not. It connects valid numbers.

Mobile number portability

Check and reassign numbers between networks.

Moreover, how you can optimize the routing of a call by bearing the low cost.


To perform MNP lookup, you need to connect to the Bulk SMS Online gateway using the HTTP API. You can also use our web-based interface for effective real-time number lookup.
When you perform an MNP lookup, you get to identify the current network.

The mobile number uses the network. This allows the users to fetch billing and routing details for SMS and voice calls. The extended real-time lookup will enable you to identify a mobile number. It is possible if a mobile number is in the roaming area and whether it is active or not.

Furthermore, with the help of MNP Lookup, you can also update business records. It helps in cleaning the database and removing the numbers which are no longer active. Consequently, it targets only valid numbers, and businesses save money.

Bulk SMS Online provides a real-time lookup service. It is available for all mobile numbers that are located in another country. The country code of the Mobile Switching Center serving the number will be displayed in the lookup for networks that are using Home Routing. Most importantly, it will mask or hide information about the country.
Bulk SMS Online provides a real-time lookup service. A number lookup will give you details of the network which is assigned to a particular mobile number. And the real-time lookup gives you details about the mobile number status, i.e., active or inactive, along with the network which is currently assigned to the number.
Real-time and Number lookup are very different backend services.

In real-time, it displays live information about the phone number. Furthermore, it also shows network status, roaming, number validity, and portability status. Primarily, databases use the Number lookup service. It holds the information of subscriptions about the network. Moreover, it is generally faster and has broader coverage than its counterpart.

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